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          Hotline: +086-519-88501368
              About Us
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          Changzhouhong Electric CO.,Ltd is located in the Highly-Developed Yangtze River Delta Industrial
          Zone of Cuiqiao Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, beside the High-Speed Railway from Beijing to Shanghai,
          close to the Jinghang Canal, nearby Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Changzhou Airport.

          Minghan is a specialized enterprise in Automotive motors and parts, such as Slip Ring, Brush Bracket, Solenoid
          Switch of Automobile Starter Motor and various kinds of switch accessaries, as well as Terminals and Insulation Bush
          for the Automobile Starter Motor and Electric Generator. 80% products are exported overseas and enjoyed good
          reputation from foreigner customers.

          During twenty years development, Minghan owns many kinds of advanced processing equipment and perfect R&D
          ability and deep concept of teamwork.

          Relied on full equipped Testing Devices, QA systems, Minghan offers complete Technical Solution and After-Sales

          We pursuit brilliant future by our Quality and Sincere Faith.


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